Corporate Training

Safety instructions for your company's employees - fast & easy with documentation and control for every mobile device

Instruction in the area of safety is an indispensable topic for employees and companies, which in most cases involves a lot of work. But instructions are also necessary in other subject areas, which often have to be developed and coordinated in advance in working groups in order to be able to bring in the knowledge of colleagues from different disciplines or departments.

With the Corporate Training app, which is optimized for tablets or can be operated in the browser if desired, a company can design and create its own instructions, optionally enter them in ProEducation or - if other functions are required in addition to testing, certification, documentation and escalation - have them carried out directly in Corporate Training.

This means that instruction for employees can be designed even more flexibly than with ProEducation, whereby a higher level of interaction is not only required here, but even desired. In many cases, the function is oriented toward collaborative work in school or college and helps work groups to compile research results and turn them into instructional material.

Authorized persons can then set tasks on this basis, the results of which can then be evaluated automatically or manually, depending on the type and scope of the tasks. Many functions support this work: e.g. ad-hoc polls can be set during workgroup meetings, Chat Companion can be used directly from the app and internal as well as external research sources can be connected directly.

For example, DeepL and Google Translate are available as translators by default, and Wiktionary and Wikipedia are available as reference works.