Protocon Lite

Web application for documenting site inspections according to the requirements for safety and health coordinators.

In the "Lite" version of ProtoCon, there is also the opportunity to provide information on processes relating to construction, acceptance, occupational safety and the like - from the client to participants with contact details and other important information relating to defects.

However, "Lite" does not mean here that functions are saved and the software offers less performance or assistance - on the contrary, ProtoCon Lite was designed according to the "Reduce to the Max" principle. Relevant information can also be collected using the ProtoCon Lite web app, and a log of the collected information in the form of a PDF is also generated by default and can be sent directly from the web interface. The advantage of the "lightweight" variant is rather that no further information about projects etc. is required.

With just a few entries and two or three photos, you can create a complete documentation with all relevant data from a single condition - not even a local installation is necessary, so ProtoCon Lite is fully usable unchanged on any mobile device with browser and camera.

Processes can be simplified even further through individual configuration: For example, different types of walk-throughs or inspections can be defined in advance so that the relevant input fields automatically appear or disappear, depending on requirements.

ProtoCon Lite can do all this - so that it can be used across the different departments of your company, but efficiency is optimal in each area and unnecessary entries are always avoided in advance.

ProtoCon Lite also allows you to save your data for later export - whether it's a monthly report or a structured export for transfer to your industry software, the right solution is already waiting for you!

engineer discusses technical documentation with his help in the territory of a modern plant.Engineers working in the power plant area

At the same time, a configurable control function is integrated directly into the app. Among other things, it can react - in multiple languages - to terms and filter them, or the complete sentences with the unwanted or unauthorized content.

As with all apps of the OB//CC World of Compliance, Chat Companion works with servers in German data centers and with EU-based operators, so that the problematic legislation regarding foreign insight into your communication when using many other messengers is no longer a problem for you.

Of course, on-premise hosting is also possible, where your data is only subject to your own access at any time.