LMRA Card Companion

Your pocket-sized DSGVO-compliant companion for occupational health and safety

Increase your employees' awareness of workplace hazards with Last Minute Risk Assessment (LMRA)!

LMRA enables every employee to clearly answer the questions that arise before a potentially risky or dangerous task is performed, or to view or request the necessary assistance.

Suitable LMRA question combinations are already available for certain sectors, such as the petroleum industry and other large industrial sectors.
Of course, they can also store the questions relevant to their company, or even their subcontractors - if necessary, different packages of questions for different business areas.


The responses to an individual LMRA process are of course still available to the performer afterwards, but depending on the edition selected, they can also be viewed directly by their administration, corporate security or similar departments.

Again, of course, incident reports, association book entries, or training that has already taken place can be linked directly to the entries, so that all data pertaining to a process or incident can be found in one place.

LMRA Card Companion is available in a free beta version through us at OB//CC. Just contact us: