HomeOffice App

The all-round helper for teleworking - check your home office according to occupational health and safety, data protection and access rights specifications.

The Home-Office App is the perfect assistant for your employees to optimally set up and design home work at the telecommuting workplace as pleasantly as possible and in accordance with all legal standards and requirements. It was developed and conceptualized in cooperation with and with the help of the expertise of the lawyers of the world-renowned law firm Greenfort from Frankfurt a.M..

The app helps your employees set up their home office, supports them in all tasks and routine actions that arise, such as recording time or submitting sick notes, and even ensures that colleagues comply with legal rest periods and recovery periods.


  • Question Catalog

The questionnaire helps you to set up your home office optimally according to the legal requirements of the German Social Accident Insurance (DGUV). It corresponds to the public checkup for home office and serves as a recommendation for employees and managers on how home office can be designed in a safe and healthy manner and can be used in the assessment of working conditions. Answer the areas divided into several important core topics to achieve the best possible result and identify any health problem areas and safety deficiencies. The employer will receive the answers and ensure appropriate solutions, if needed.

  • Document my home office

This section helps you capture and document your home office using photos and descriptive text. Subsequently, all entries are recorded in a clear list and can be sorted and filtered according to various criteria.

  • Information

Here you will find up-to-date information about working in a home office, including the legal basis. You will find tips and tricks on how to set up your home office correctly and healthily, how to handle data protection in the home office. Employers can also pick out important information - on assessing home office conditions, monitoring employees and much more.

  • Time recording

Document your effective working time and the legally required break times with this easy-to-use tool. You can conveniently display all your time in a clear list (in the day, month, quarter, year view).

  • Sick note

Submit your sick note to your employer from the comfort of your home couch or even directly from the doctor's office. Never again can your employees have problems due to late mail delivery or lack of delivery options. Your employees will thank you for it.

  • Report hazards

With the help of this module, you can report and document not only hazards, but also incidents and view the recorded entries. With the reports, you can also submit photos as evidence. The reports are immediately sent to the employer.

  • Relaxation

Think about the health and well-being of your employees. The legally required break times should also be observed in the home office, and with the home office app we go one step further by giving your employees a collection of easy-to-implement relaxation tips to help them make the most of their recovery times. In our explanatory videos, you can learn some useful information, such as small sporting exercises or relaxation techniques for a more restful lunch break.

  • Contact form

With the help of this module your employees can get in touch with their superiors and other departments, e.g. Human Resources.

  • Settings

Configure each module and basic settings in this sub-menu item. Here you can also change the language of the app (German, English).