Real-time digital reporting system for incidents, near misses and other important news in plants and other institutions.

Report incidents or near misses in real time - or have the reports of your employees and visitors delivered to you in a structured and complete manner, instead of having to work with call centers, forms or similar.

From dangerous situations, to near misses, to the real thing - the workplace accident itself: With the help of OnTime, all incidents in the company can be documented and analyzed, all the way to the instruction to and documentation of the elimination of the risk.

A good incident report should contain all the necessary information about the incident or near miss. At the same time, your employees should not be burdened by tasks more than necessary so that they can perform their actual duties to the fullest extent uninterrupted. Proper reporting of relevant incidents is important to identify the root cause of the incident and to prevent it from happening again - or the problem from growing over time because the necessary information does not reach the relevant party.

Further, proper reporting of incidents involving risk of personal injury or property damage is regularly required for successful

settlement by your insurance company. Incident reports should be completed as soon as possible:


Recording important details that are required for insurance and regulatory reasons is a task that should not be put off. Memory logs and drawings are far less informative than records and photos taken directly from the scene. This is a relief to the individual employee reporting an incident, as well as a great support to the appropriate staff in facilities management, housekeeping, occupational safety and accounting.
OnTime is available in a free basic version that can be expanded via in-app purchase or, in the case of large volumes, via an exclusive license agreement with us from OB//CC.

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