Digital keeping of an association book in compliance with the DSGVO - without tear-off blocks and drop-in slots.

Surely you have more than just a first aid kit to check at your workplace. Here, the MediLog app can significantly reduce the workload. In addition to the already mentioned first aid kit management (of course for all current standards relevant in companies), you will find many other useful functions from the areas of occupational safety, project organization and documentation. For example, you have the option of creating projects, displaying emergency numbers and safety equipment, and preparing and sending reports - both accident reports and accident analyses.

Accidents at work are reported in real time, can be combined with emergency calls, information to superiors or relevant departments and of course the necessary documentation. Visitors can be instructed via MediLog and do not need their own access - not even an e-mail address to pass on an invitation is necessary.

What about your first aid kit, is it complete? Checking a first aid kit regularly for completeness is necessary - but at the same time time time-consuming and actually only necessary after incidents with removal of dressing materials.


Do you keep track of the expiration date of dressing materials? This app helps with these everyday challenges in your business, making them more efficient, traceable and controllable.

One of the many helpful features of the app is keeping a bandage book digitally in compliance with the GDPR - without tear-off pads and drop-in slots that more or less ensure data protection. This is a great support for the employee reporting an incident as well as for the responsible occupational safety staff. Databases ensure order in the background and, above all, the reusability of the data entered.

This means that employees can effectively design structured workflows - and, for example, simply reuse the data from the dressing book in the report to the employers' liability insurance association without having to re-enter all the information. In this way, they do not risk unnecessary errors creeping in, but also avoid having to spend time a second time. Human errors are virtually eliminated here.

The best complement for any company to ensure the safety of employees. Download the app today and become part of our family, because only together we are SAFE.

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