The topic of compliance - except in the area of large companies - often only came into focus for many companies and freelancers with the introduction of the GDPR. For this reason, among others, all our solutions are also fully DSGVO-compliant - but not only that. In addition, many solutions were and still are strongly analog-based and do not allow evaluations that, for example, allow the frequency of incidents to be analyzed quickly and without effort.

The individual components of the OB//CC World of Compliance interact as required, e.g. to link the incident with the previously performed risk assessment and the relevant and performed training, in order to be able to document a process completely and securely. In the event of a breach, the entry in the - naturally also electronic and DSGVO-compliant - association book can also be added.

Nevertheless, each component can also be used separately and added to later - either by installing additional components as individual apps, or by putting together an individual combination for them and creating it for them in an app with their corporate identity / corporate design. Since all modules are already available, the effort required for this is of course significantly less than if you commission your own solution from a service provider who has to start from "0".

Functions such as chat or scheduling can of course be integrated into all components if required. In addition, we offer other solutions that, for example, bring the less popular processing directories into a common database - in short, you can, for example, search through 1,500 individual documents over five years with 100 processes in your company and three changes per year - or set a single filter in the appropriate app and, for example, filter out all processing processes with third-country regulation and export their meta-documentation as a PDF, in order to have them at hand in minutes, for example, in the event of an audit by your local data protection authority.

We will be happy to provide you with detailed information about individual solutions during a joint online conference. Please contact us at or +49 661 280 966, or simply write to us using our contact form.

We look forward to hearing from you!