The topic of compliance - except in the area of large companies - often only came into focus for many companies and freelancers with the introduction of the GDPR. For this reason, among others, all our solutions are also fully DSGVO-compliant - but not only that. In addition, many solutions were and still are strongly analogue-based and do not enable evaluations that allow, for example, the frequency of incidents to be analysed quickly and easily.

The individual components of the OB//CC World of Compliance interact as required, e.g. to link the incident with the previously performed risk assessment and the relevant and completed training, in order to be able to document a process completely and securely. In the event of a breach, an entry can also be added to the association book - which is of course also electronic and DSGVO-compliant.

Nevertheless, each component can also be used separately and added to later - either by installing further components as individual applications, or by compiling an individual combination for them and creating it for them in an app with their corporate identity / corporate design. Since all modules are already available, the effort required to do this is of course much less than if you commission your own solution from a service provider who has to start from "0".

Functions such as chat or scheduling can of course be integrated into all components if required. In addition, we offer other solutions that, for example, bring the less popular processing directories into a common database - in short, you can, for example, search through 1,500 individual documents over five years with 100 processes in your company and three changes per year - or set a single filter in the appropriate app and, for example, filter out all processing processes with third-country regulation and export their meta-documentation as a PDF to have them at hand in minutes, for example, in the event of an audit by your local data protection authority.

We will be happy to provide you with detailed information on individual solutions during a joint online conference. Please contact us at or 0661 280 966, or simply write to us using our contact form.

We look forward to hearing from you!




OnTime enables the reporting of incidents or near misses in real time. The premium version offers them many functions for administration in a common interface - but all this not on the mobile device used for recording, but conveniently on their desktop.

Overview, processing, archiving and options for responding to reports - everything can be done in a common interface and, if required, combined directly with the other components of our Compliance Suite.

But the free version also allows your employees to send relevant notifications to their facility management or safety team with the simplest of specifications and to manage and process them there via Outlook or similar.

OnTime is available in a free version, via in-app purchase or, in the case of large volumes, via contract with OB//CC.



MediLog solves the problems arising from the obligation to keep association books and the simultaneous obligation to comply with the DSGVO.

MediLog lets their employees record all relevant information without logging in - also with regard to the requirements of the DGUV - and at the same time ensures that no outsiders can make entries in their databases.

And all this without having to distribute invitations or the like to their employees beforehand. Even the download link is included in the stickers for your first aid kits and automatically selects the correct store depending on the device.
Refilling their first-aid kits is also simplified: all withdrawals are cumulated and reported to the facility management, so that refills can take place in a coordinated manner and with minimal effort - without the risk of working with incomplete first-aid kits.

Of course, if required, all entries can be directly assigned to incidents or near misses in MediLog or instructions and training from RapidInfo and Pro Education to ensure complete documentation.

Furthermore, with the premium packages, in addition to the above-mentioned options, they have the option of conveniently carrying out all administrative work on the desktop screen.

MediLog is available in a free version, by in-app purchase or, in the case of large volumes, by contract with OB//CC.



RapidInfo enables them to reach their employees, their (corporate) partners and their employees or even their customers directly.

All they need to do is pass on a QR code that the system generates for them. Depending on the version, they can also share documents with the recipients - whether current offers, safety instructions or general procedural guidelines.
You can attach an image or a document directly to each message - or you can create a library of documents independently of messages and make them permanently available.

If you opt for one of the more comprehensive versions, you can also address different groups in different languages individually, have translations created automatically and plan the dispatch in advance. In this case, they also have the option of conveniently carrying out all administrative tasks on the desktop screen.

RapidInfo is available in a free version, by in-app purchase or, in the case of large volumes, by contract with OB//CC.



Pro Education was developed together with an engineering office and currently contains approx. 50 different instructions that can be processed completely independently by your employees - independent of fixed training dates in terms of time and location.

Among other things, packages can be purchased, e.g. 10, 20 or 50 licences for instructions can be purchased and later assigned to individual employees or groups of employees. In order to implement this in an uncomplicated way, the system allows you to either enter addresses for invitations or to import complete address lists and select the relevant courses per person.

In one of the next versions, they will also be able to add their own training courses via an internal editor, which will either be available only to their company - or, after consultation with OB//CC, can also be offered beyond this for a fee.
The legal requirement that questions can be addressed to a personal contact person during digital training courses is, of course, fully covered by our partner and is available on all working days.

An administration interface is of course also available for Pro Education, which greatly simplifies the handling of the system, e.g. for your HR department: participation in training courses can be monitored, a necessary repetition after 12 or 24 months can be automatically reminded, missing completion or comprehensive knowledge gaps can be automatically escalated to superiors.

In its free version, Pro Education generally offers one or two free courses so that you can get an impression of the system. Packages for individual or groups of employees are available via in-app purchase - in the case of large volumes, contractually suitable conditions can be agreed with OB//CC.


LMRA Card Companion

Increase your employees' awareness of workplace hazards through Last Minute Risk Assessment (LMRA)!

LMRA enables every employee to clearly answer the questions they have before tackling a potentially risky or dangerous task, or to view or request the necessary assistance.

Suitable LMRA question combinations are already available for certain sectors, such as the petroleum industry and other large industrial sectors.

Of course, they can also deposit the questions relevant to their company, or even their subcontractors - if necessary, different packages of questions for different business sectors.

The answers to a single LMRA process are, of course, still available to the person carrying out the process, but depending on the edition selected, they can also be viewed directly by their administration, corporate security or similar departments.

Here too, of course, incident reports, association book entries or training courses that have already taken place can be linked directly to the entries in order to be able to find all the data belonging to a process or incident in one place.

LMRA Card Companion is available in a free version, by in-app purchase or, in the case of large volumes, by contract with OB//CC.



ProtoCon enables the documentation of construction site inspections according to the requirements for safety and health coordinators (SiGeKo), so that all relevant findings in a work area can be documented in a digital inspection.

The system makes it possible to reuse a wide range of entries, so that, for example, companies involved only have to be entered once in a database and are then available wherever necessary - including the respective contact persons and their email addresses.

Each component of an inspection can contain, for example, persons involved, details of the condition or incident, assessments, proposed solutions and other details - as well as, of course, precise information on the location of the incident. In addition, working hours per calendar week and other details can be recorded for each company involved.

All data can then be exported with a single click to all parties involved in a DSGVO-compliant manner. The architect and client receive complete reports as PDFs, other participating companies only receive the problem cases they caused in their documentation - with the exception of cross-trade problems, which are of course available as information to all companies - so that, for example, a scaffolding error, although caused by the scaffolder, can also be communicated to all other workers on the construction site in question. In addition, all data can also be regularly exported as tables in various formats - CSV, XML, JSON, etc. - in order to later be used in their own right. - to be read into their own systems at a later date for further analysis.

The fact that only the incidents caused by the companies are included in their own documentation massively reduces the data protection concerns - and in the case of cross-trade incidents, the right to receive relevant information from the other companies involved generally outweighs the personal rights of the company causing the incident.

ProtoCon is not available in a free version, as the features would not be useable in a meaningful way without the appropriate administrative functions and many background functions. But of course a group of up to three people can take advantage of a free trial period of seven days.

Via in-app-purchase or in the case of large volumes, there is the option of concluding a contract with OB//CC and, if required, also taking into account special features such as wishes for digital cooperation between partners or contractors and the client or options such as on-premise hosting, etc.


Corporate Training/Classroom

Corporate Training/Classroom is a system that would go completely beyond the scope of describing it here. In addition to various types of media provision and work with these media, it enables communication between apprentices and trainers, employees in ongoing training or life-long learning concepts in general.

In this context, the tools provided by OB//CC, such as the "chat companion", also enable DSGVO-compliant communication - also via group video chat and others - so that the mostly American products, which are often problematic with regard to DSGVO, BDSG and BDSG-neu, are not needed as a supplement.

In addition to the media, tool and communication functions, Classroom offers many options for configuring the solution to suit your needs. In any case, a joint discussion and, if necessary, an online presentation is recommended to give you a first insight into the system.

Graduated prices allow you to purchase a package tailored to your company. Of course, you also have the option of hosting the system on-premise or directly connecting your own archives of learning and teaching materials.

Of course, we also offer the possibility of recognising unlawfully used teaching materials in a fully automated manner by means of a media indexer that regularly indexes the relevant data - without having to store copies at OB//CC - and even recognises changed formats (such as Word -> PDF or TXT).

They can then choose to exclude their media from use or offer licensing - depending on their own marketing strategy in this regard.


Chat Companion

The Chat Companion module primarily impresses with two features: firstly, it offers all the possibilities of a modern messenger, and secondly, it is comprehensively DSGVO-compliant.

Thanks to the module, not only two people can communicate with each other. The chat module also includes broadcast and group chat functions. In each conversation, users can use the chat functions they are familiar with from other programmes, such as text, voice, images, videos, documents and links, with the help of the chat. However, they are always in a secure environment.

Full end-to-end encryption for point-to-point and point-to-multipoint communication is a matter of course with OBCC Chat Companion. At the same time, a configurable control function is integrated directly into the app. Among other things, it can react to terms - in multiple languages - and filter them.