Supporting occupational safety - using apps efficiently

Protecting employees from injury is a growing priority for more and more companies. Due to the legal obligation for risk assessment, there is also a fixed framework for this. An occupational safety app helps you to ensure the safety of your employees digitally and with little effort.

Ensuring occupational safety with an app has become very easy thanks to OBCC. Our apps such as ProtoCon, LMRA, MediLog und OnTime ensure that your employees can identify, report and rectify hazards. Even if an accident does occur, there are always plenty of bandages and supplies on site thanks to MediLog

In this article, we'll go into how you can use the occupational safety app wisely and thus prevent injuries to your employees. This not only helps your wallet, but above all the health of your colleagues.

Occupational safety instruction via app - is that possible?

Occupational safety instruction, like any other instruction, requires the presence of a personal contact. If you use our app ProEducation competent experts are available to you on weekdays. This allows you to provide instruction and training on your own and saves you the often high fees for external consultants. 

How does an occupational safety app work?

An occupational health and safety app provides you with features through which you can report hazards online, provide training, or conduct risk assessments. In addition, your employees can evaluate the hazards of their actions through assessment software to reduce risk. 

You can find out more about how an occupational safety app works in our explanatory videos. 

What are the benefits of an occupational safety app?  

There are a few good reasons you should choose one of our workplace safety apps:  

  1. Reduce costs. Costs for external consultants and especially sick leave costs are reduced with an occupational safety app.  
  2. Less effort. Self-paced training via app and other helpful tools (including templates) save you and your employees time assessing and reporting hazards.  
  3. More fun. Apps are fun. Your employees will surely enjoy being able to learn and assess hazards via app instead of a dry lecture.  
  4. Better collaboration. Through the workplace safety app, tasks and concerns can be quickly shared with other employees. Hazardous areas are then visible throughout the company and can be avoided or remedied. 
  5. Comply with laws and regulations. With the app, you can easily and conveniently comply with occupational safety laws and regulations.  

Of course, we can also develop an occupational safety app for you and tailor it exactly to your requirements. Please use our contact form contact form and arrange . a first meeting.